Branding Campaign: Zing!

Zing! by Stuart McQuarrie

Over the past few months, I have seen different parts of this branding system show up all over the Internet, but until this week, I had never tracked down its source. I was thrilled to find the creator of this branding system: Stuart McQuarrie. His work is very good, but I am most definitely partial to Zing!. The detail is wonderful, and every piece of the system, including the product, connects either by color, shape, text, or wording. The brand doesn’t seem to have any loose ends left, and each piece is clearly recognizable as part of that system. It has withstood the test of standing out through the millions of images each person sees from day to day online. Each time I saw a piece of this system, I knew what it belonged to, and I could immediately recall other images from the same brand. That is exactly what a brand is supposed to do. It is well done, and I am so glad that I am able to link back to the source and the designer.


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