Design Perspective: Pasta…

Pasta for One by Alessia Olivari

Packaging once more, but alas, I cannot help but post this. When you thought everything had been done, you stumble upon something that might just be sliding into the new, or at least refreshed, category. That is what I thought when I saw this packaging, Pasta for One, by Alessia Olivari. It is an interesting concept, pasta in individual packages. However, concept was not what I was most interested in, but rather the design. This could be considered simple, with the number of elements used, but it is nowhere near simple when it comes to the patterning. The design does not come off as busy, but beautiful, and it would definitely make consumers stop and take another look in the pasta aisle. I love how the label seems to come off the packaging and is so elegant. The typefaces and small filigree elements play off each other and the patterning in a wonderful and playful way. The colors help to tie everything together. This is a great example of using many different elements and combining them into one cohesive design system.


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