Branding Campaign: Yoobi

Yoobi Brand

Whenever I am looking for awesome examples of branding campaigns, I almost always stumble across Yoobi by Ico. Every time, without fail, I end up pouring over this design campaign along with Ico’s website and their other work. I love the style and atmosphere of Yoobi. The shapes and colors follow through every part of the experience, because this branding is “branding as experience.” Everything from the tables, to the staff, to the print materials, tie together into a cohesive whole. The system is broad, and there are many versions of the abstracted sushi, yet they all work. Each piece that I have stumbled across on different social media platforms stands alone in wonderful design, but at a glance I can connect it to the rest of its pieces. That is exactly what a brand should do. This system also carries my attention, and every time I revisit it, I find some new detail; something that makes the experience that much better. I love this system and I really enjoy the other projects Ico has to offer. Hopefully it is as inspiring to others as it is to me.


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