Delving into Color…


As I work on developing a large project for my “senior thesis,” I have also been reassessing what I think about color, digital mediums, and art and design in general. More and more, I have realized that despite the fact that I do love color and the naming of color, it is all about how to market and capitalize it while making the consumer feel good about purchasing that color.  I don’t know how I feel about that part of art and design. Despite all that I am still mesmerized by the charts and color systems Pantone has developed over the years. This packaging by Samy Halim has definitely caught my attention. The aesthetic of the shape of the container, how the color is displayed, as well as the typeface and placement all correlate with Pantone’s system. Each piece is clean and the focal point is on the color. I can’t help but wonder how hard it was to match the Pantone colors when printing and labeling containers, since the whole focus is on the color, but if that is what I think about, then this design was done well and my graphic designer brain is going strong. What a nice way to package color.


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