Auto-Complete: An Eye Opener in a Strange Place

United Nations This Is What The Internet Thinks About Women Ogilvy & Mathers Campaign

Some aspects of doing a Google search are not what I would expect, and this set of ads most certainly highlights one of those surprises. I would not have thought about auto-complete results when searching phrases like “women need” or “women shouldn’t.” This brings up a huge issue on equality, and not just for women. These ads by Ogilvy & Mather are an eye-catching system to bring attention to issues like this. They are simple, with beautifully orchestrated portraits of women. The type carries weight, similar to what a typical search engine would display, and alludes to the idea that it must be providing information because of this typeface. The fact that the search box is in the place of each women’s mouth makes this idea all the more powerful. These posters hold a powerful message, and they have carried it with an equally powerful container.


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