Illustration: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland by Tiffany Harris

Alice in Wonderland is just one of the many fictional stories that runs through my head on a daily basis lately (along with The Wizard or Oz among others). This illustration by Tiffany Harris is a wonderful exploration of the story and the characters. The silhouette of the figure is simple, yet the images inside are anything but. Each piece relates to a character, and the allover composition is balanced and yet holds the viewer’s interest. I especially enjoy the Cheshire Cat’s face located towards the upper half of Alice’s head. It is an interesting contradiction. In all the little details, this illustration does what is often hard to do; it captures the viewer’s eye and keep it there for some time, studying all the different pieces that make up Alice’s silhouette. This is a great piece to examine and enjoy when looking for new ideas for my design.


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