Design Perspective: Kitchening & Co. Macaron Packaging

Kitchening & Co. Macaron Packaging by David Arias

I have spent quite a bit of time looking at different examples of packaging lately for inspiration for a project. In my design, I want to elevate a brand that already exists as a local icon. Thus, I have been looking for examples of packaging and branding that elevate and modernize the brand, while keeping the integrity of what it is and what it has been. This packaging system by David Arias is a great example of adding a touch of elegance to a clean and modern look. I enjoy the details of black on black texture and the bright pops of color. The design is very textural/complex, but it also is simple in the elements of type, color scheme, and layout of information. I enjoy the abstracted type and the filigree element around the product count. The way that the logo ties into the other elements of the packaging is seamless, and it all clearly fits a theme. The die-cut box allows for the viewer to look at the contents of the box, and the color of the packaging creates harmony with the brightly colored macarons inside. Every details has been thought out in this system, and I appreciate its clear sophisticated style.


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