Branding Campaign: Alex Hines Self Promotion

Alex Hines Self Promotion

Building a personal identity is no easy task. That being said, I always enjoy finding examples of personal branding campaigns done well. This system by Alex Hines is a wonderful example of what can be done beside the typical stationary components of a branding system. I like the way she has utilized a small box to create a simple takeaway that explains the brand and all it has to offer. The idea of using a Prismacolor pencil in the main color of the branding system is ingenious. I especially like the customized flash drive; a necessity for any graphic designer. The logo is well thought out, with the script A flowing into the outer circle. Everything is clean and simple, yet elegant and professional. This is a wonderful example of what a personal brand can be.


One thought on “Branding Campaign: Alex Hines Self Promotion

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