Branding Campaign: Mallard

tea packaging

What can I say, I love tea packaging just about as much as I love tea, if not more. This system for Mallard by Sarah Walsh is a wonderful example of the many possibilities of branding tea. The simple use of the teapot is common among tea brands, but this takes it one step further with the pattern showing through the silhouette. The teapot also has a slightly non-standard shape that helps make the brand stand out. In addition to the simple form and a plethora of complex patterns, the type face helps to add personality and elegance. To complete the piece, the white block helps to even out all the complexity to a simple, elegant solution. I enjoy all the different components to the system such as the bags and insulated cups. A brand’s job it to elevate the experience of the viewer or user, and Mallard has most definitely achieved that.


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