Packaging: Karamelleriet

Karamelleriet by Bessermachen Design Studio

It seems that I am drawn to packaging for sweets as of late, so why break the chain? I stumbled upon this branding system and packaging by Bessermachen Design Studio while looking for inspiration for an ongoing branding project and a packaging redesign project. I love the two different styles of packaging, jar and bag, and that each one is handled in a unique way while still holding to the brand’s character. In all honesty though, what got my attention and kept it there was the beginning of the hand lettered logo. It caught my eye and added an additional human element that so often gets lost in the fray. The staging for the photographs of the brand also help highlight and elevate the brand. The simple patterning is elegant, but almost isn’t needed in several of the photos. Even the caramels align to the packaging with their pastel sugar dusting. Everything is thought out with this system, and even though some things aren’t as catchy as other brands I have seen, it resonates with my work and is definitely a great example of what can happen when every aspect of a brand comes into a cohesive whole.


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