Musings: Eclectic Type

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1st Batch Chocolate by Jane Says

It is that time of year again: the time of year when the media and fashion industry tells us it is Spring, but those of us living in snow country know better. That doesn’t keep Spring from sneaking into my design choices, Pinterest boards (yes I caved! See what I’m pinning on design here, or everything else here), and dreams. Some of these ideas have come in the form of inspiration…in eclectic typography.

Webster Retro Aero

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hearing a letterpress artist speak about his work. He was talking about the unique qualities of each typeface, and each character with that medium. His observation was that designers are more likely to appreciate the form of each character and font set in letterpress simply because the type is physical and you can examine it more intimately. Reflecting on this statement later, I realized that I don’t need physical letterpress characters to enjoy them. I do this already, picking out letters I really enjoy from a typeface I have on my laptop, and examining them. Although I may not have mastered typography, I do enjoy it. Right now, I especially enjoy the trend in design of mixing fonts that don’t often work together. These fresh, organically modern designs mix contrasting and clashing fonts to create something eclectic and edgy. I love it. Paired with the recent trend of the teal and salmon colorway, these Spring trends have built up into a typographic obsession.

Tad Carpenter

Faced with the task of designing my college graduation announcements (yay + oh dear) I turned to this style, new to me but so much fun. I have been digging through my fonts, searching for new typefaces that I normally wouldn’t use but can use sparingly in this. It has been a challenge, and I will be sad to see it over, but alas, my senior thesis and final project for my degree (BFA concentrating on Graphic Design) must come first. Spring may have sprung in the media if not in reality, but it is most certainly starting to appear in my work and thoughts.


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