Some New Beginnings…

New Beginnings: Victoria SchwankeIt has been awhile since I last posted, and that has given me time to rethink my goals for this blog. At first, this blog was a requirement, thus it slowly died when the need was no longer there. Now, however, I want to make this space something more. Yet, this will not work if I keep it to its format as seen thus far. A somewhat lifeless analysis of design is no longer enough. I want to instead include other elements of my interests as well as personal insight, ideas, and musings. I am still going to keep this blog focused on design (thus the name), but design can’t exist in a vacuum, and neither can this blog. The appearance of this blog has changed as well, but I feel this is not the final face this blog will see; there is more to come. If you have been with this blog though its journey, and waited during its hibernation, thank you. If you are new, welcome to this piece of the internet. Things are going to change, but for the better. It’s time for a fresh start.


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