Recent Obsessions: Everything in General

Addison Ragsdale: Graduation Announcement

A few things have been catching my eye this week:

  • Spinning Wheels: Yes, I am a fiber fanatic, and saving up for one of these beauties is in my future.
  • DSLR Cameras: I want to save up for one of these as well, recommendations?
  • Teal and Salmon colorway: it just looks so fresh.
  • Eclectic mixing of typefaces: see this post.
  • Graduation Announcements: I am in the process of designing mine now. Above was part of my inspiration, a design by Addison Ragsdale.
  • Tea packaging: always and forever on my list of design inspiration.
  • Succulent Plants: it seems that half of my flora board on Pinterest is dedicated to this.
  • Pinterest: no explanation needed here.
  • The Color Index by Jim Krause: I love this book! The second edition, The Color Index 2, is great too, but I prefer the layout of the first one. So much inspiration lies in the pages of these books.

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