A Studio Space

Heart Handmade UK

Heart Handmade UK


As of late, I have been binge pinning beautiful studio spaces. Now, when I say studio space, I mean everything: computer desk (with iMac please), yarn/art supply storage out where I can admire it, table workspace, stools, white walls, beautiful art/design, color accents, great lighting, books, etc. etc. I have been dreaming of spaces with a clean, open feel, just brimming with untapped creativity and inspiration. Perhaps this is my cabin fever kicking in, but I need a studio. My current ‘use the kitchen table’ or flexible-cutting-mat-on-beanbag-chair-desk just aren’t cutting it. As I come closer to the end of my undergrad experience, my realization that I need a space to create has become all the more acute. Ah well, all I can do is dream at this point. I have to wait, downsize, and prepare for the future. Maybe I’ll get a space at a design firm (pretty please)? Until then, all I can do is dream, and scheme.


Studio Space

Studio Space


Elsa Mora: Studio Space

Elsa Mora: Studio Space


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