Taking the Future

sunny by Victoria Schwanke

What’s next? That big question that I keep asking myself, but that I am truthfully afraid to answer. It is so easy to be stuck in a rut, wanting to stay in your comfort zone, ride the waves, and ignore change. But what if that isn’t what needs to happen? I have been battling these ideas as of late, especially when my college diploma arrived in the mail. That small piece of paper brought closure that I wasn’t ready for, and I didn’t realize that until I held it in my hand and thought of my future. Now, I have a lot to do and quite a bit planned for the coming months, don’t get me wrong. I’ve got a design internship that is pretty awesome, a local part-time job, a few freelance design jobs, and on the back-burner, the development of an Etsy shop. Besides all of that, I want to build my portfolio with more photography, redesign my personal portfolio site, and improve my spinning and fiber art. I have a lot that I want to accomplish.

crochet_medallion_earrings by Victoria Schwanke

Some Etsy shop tests.

Yet it seems that the main step in accomplishing things is just starting. Maybe it’s just me, but more often than not, I catch myself thinking of something that I should do or want to do, but start considering all of the details, down to the success or failure. I get stuck in this mindset, and just think, and think, and think, and think, and think…but I never start. Paralyzed, I stay there, and I repeat this process until I’m utterly frustrated. It’s not a good cycle.

Perhaps you don’t have this, but I know that this is a key reason that my future is so foggy. Clear goals are hard to set when logic overrides even the thought of dreaming big, and possibilities fade away faster than those stupid settings on PowerPoint. I don’t know about you, but summer goals are always good. You have a grip on the year, and all of those rosy new years resolutions (if you even bothered to set any, which I never do) are long forgotten. Now is a good time to start a set of goals that can be reached, and that you can stick to.

Summer is all about the positive, fresh, fun journeys that you can take. It is about sun, friends, family, and rediscovering the world and your place in it. Perhaps I should just consider this as a goal: start the day with a positive attitude and the drive to get things done. Maybe, just maybe this will be the season of doing; after all, it is the first season that is truly free and open, with no college or schooling to follow up in the fall.

& Stay Inspired


Recent Obsessions: Can Spring Come Yet?

I’m back again, with more ideas than I can share in one post, but I’d like to start by¬†addressing a few things that were recent obsessions a while ago. First off, I can’t believe it! I am the proud owner of both a Canon dslr camera and a Kromski spinning wheel. Second, that teal and salmon colorway from way back? Yeah, that one…it is still firmly lodged in my design repetiour right now, and I think it is past due to shake it off. Finally, I am still obsessing over pinterest, but this time it is libraries and recipes.

Mood Board

Now for the recent obsessions:

  • Adobe Illustrator: Yes, I LOVE THAT PROGRAM, much more than Photoshop (sorry, I just love vectors). When I stopped working with it for a few weeks, I realized just how much I love it, and that I missed it terribly…graphic design nerds unite!
  • Etsy: I love Etsy, and am planning on opening up my own shop in the next couple months. I just need to write up a business plan and create inventory.
  • Flowers: Well, actually amazing photography of flowers, like this one. The area where I live is just beginning to see a few crocuses bloom, but no¬†green grass or full blown daffodils.
  • Iced Tea: I live on this, coffee is just not for me, and sun tea, well that is trump! This is basically how I make it.
  • Idea Boards: More like, I commandeered my closet door from other ventures to become a new idea/mood board. I love it thus far, and keep scouring magazines to find more inspiration (sorry for the bad photo).
  • The Sun: Must I say more? Instant energy and a good mood, I think I’m in!

I think that’s it for now, lots to do, people to see, places to go…or more like, where’s my spinning wheel, my camera, and some iced tea…let’s design something awesome!


It’s Been Awhile!

Oh my, time does fly when you are having fun…or worrying about how to finish your senior thesis. I will not go into details, because at this point, this isn’t a lifestyle blog, but I will say that I graduated from college with a BFA in Graphic Design and that my senior thesis and accompanying project were received extremely well (beyond my expectations)…YAY! But I’m back, and ready to share some inspiration that I have been delving over for the past few weeks.


Here we go:

Umutu Coffee Co.

I’ve been scouring the internet for interesting examples of restaurant branding to get inspiration for a new branding project I have coming up. I like the clean white type and log on black, it gives the brand instant sophistication.


The Gallery; Signature Pizza and Art

Anything that mixes art and design is typically up my alley, but to add food and branding to the mix, perfect! I love the clean logo but the reference to famous artists makes this amazing.


Arrivo Mobile App

Finally, I have been obsessing over mobile application design, mostly because I have been working on a proposal for a mobile app design. Either way, I am surprising myself by enjoying the recent trends of the flat interface. It is clean and modern, and allows for a more cohesive color system.


Well, that wraps it up for another day. Stay inspired.