Recent Obsessions: Can Spring Come Yet?

I’m back again, with more ideas than I can share in one post, but I’d like to start by addressing a few things that were recent obsessions a while ago. First off, I can’t believe it! I am the proud owner of both a Canon dslr camera and a Kromski spinning wheel. Second, that teal and salmon colorway from way back? Yeah, that one…it is still firmly lodged in my design repetiour right now, and I think it is past due to shake it off. Finally, I am still obsessing over pinterest, but this time it is libraries and recipes.

Mood Board

Now for the recent obsessions:

  • Adobe Illustrator: Yes, I LOVE THAT PROGRAM, much more than Photoshop (sorry, I just love vectors). When I stopped working with it for a few weeks, I realized just how much I love it, and that I missed it terribly…graphic design nerds unite!
  • Etsy: I love Etsy, and am planning on opening up my own shop in the next couple months. I just need to write up a business plan and create inventory.
  • Flowers: Well, actually amazing photography of flowers, like this one. The area where I live is just beginning to see a few crocuses bloom, but no green grass or full blown daffodils.
  • Iced Tea: I live on this, coffee is just not for me, and sun tea, well that is trump! This is basically how I make it.
  • Idea Boards: More like, I commandeered my closet door from other ventures to become a new idea/mood board. I love it thus far, and keep scouring magazines to find more inspiration (sorry for the bad photo).
  • The Sun: Must I say more? Instant energy and a good mood, I think I’m in!

I think that’s it for now, lots to do, people to see, places to go…or more like, where’s my spinning wheel, my camera, and some iced tea…let’s design something awesome!



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